Cute couple-y things to do?

Alright me and my friend are dorks. lol we want to make a list of cute things boyfriends will do for us. Like watch the sunset, sit by a fire, watch the stars things like that. Please we need more ideas anything?!?!


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  • Hmmm... here's a short list:

    -- Make dinner together

    -- Watch a chick flick

    -- Go kayaking / bike riding together

    -- Play a game & bet a fun relationship idea (back rub, movie night, etc.)

    -- Try a new restaurant neither of you have been to

    -- Go to an amusement park together

    -- Go on a day trip to a place neither of you have been before

    -- Have a picnic

    -- Invite friends over for a game night

    -- Play a competitive game of putt putt

    -- Have a date night in (order a movie, dinner, and a bottle of wine)

    these are just a starting point and I hope these help :)


What Girls Said 1

  • sing to us

    call us beautiful

    play with our hair

    look into our eyes

    have late night talks


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