What are your top 10 goals for this summer 2011?

mine would be:

1) Read at least 10 books

2) bike around my city

3) get some volunteering hours

4) lose weight (around 5-10pounds maybe more..)

5) go on a hike

6) buy a bear grylls knife. (some of you may think it sucks, but whatever I love bear grylls :P)

7) gain a little bit of abs (not those hardcore ones)

8) have a TV show marathon (not sure which ones yet)

9) read the bible.

10) accomplish all of these goals :P


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) Stop procrastinating so much

    2) Finish this list later


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What Guys Said 6

  • 1) Find new job

    2) Get diesel status

    3) Learn to swim lol

    4) Meet a nice girl

    5) Get back on track when it comes to school

    6) Get a new gun

    I think it's awesome you're planning to buy the Bear Grylls knife even though I think that knife sucks lol. Bear Grylls is the man though. I suggest getting a Cold Steel knife over a Gerber.

  • 1. Party/meet new people

    2. Find a girlfriend or at least someone that I like

    3. be more outdoors-y

    4. Save up $300 for a new laptop

    5. Get a job

    6. Get a haircut

    7. Reconnect with old friends

    8. Stop being so lazy

    9. Find new music

    10. Fix mistakes I've made with people

  • 1. Six pack to eight pack (abs not beer)

    2. Get overall very ripped, more defined etc.

    3. Get a summer job

    4. Go to italy for a couple weeks

    5. Revise all the stuff from this year before returning to University

    6. Get a serious girlfriend (if not anything I can get)

    7. Find a new flat.

    8. But a sound system.

    9. Get a tattoo (if I can think of something worthy)

    10. Become extremely proficient at Autodesk and Mathlab.

  • one is to get a job, that's why I've been volunteering lately because employers don't want to hire me because of my inexperience

  • I only have one and that's get a job. All of my other goals are long term past summer.

    • I suppose getting a girlfriend can be number 2 since I've never had one and that would be nice to find this summer.

  • 1. Swimming, and lots of it

    2. Get a six-pack, hopefully the above will get me there.

    3. Get a second job

    4. Look into jiujitsu classes

    5. Learn to cook, at least a little

    6. Start playing D&D

    7. Get a girlfriend


What Girls Said 6

  • 1. Find a new guy to take my mind off the old one >_>

    2. Chill with my friends before they go off to college

    3. Get a new job

    4. Go to new places

    5. Find new music to listen to

    6. Have a successful move into my auntie's house when my grandma comes

  • 1. Flatten my stomach

    2. Actually stick with a diet and exercise routine for once

    3. Get a job

    4. Get a few piercings

    5. Pay off the last of my debt (except student loans--those will take awhile)

    6. Get another belt in TKD

    7. Learn a new language (I'm thinking Spanish)

    8. Go to California with all my friends from high school

    9. Cook more

    10. Visit my aunt in Denver

  • I have only two weeks of summer break, haha. But I'll do this anyway.

    1. READ.

    2. Hang out with someone. Maybe. Eh.

    3. Start doing yoga again.

    4. Make my boyfriend an anniversary present.

    5. Work on my "quote journal," haha. I'm lame.

  • In random order:

    1.) Read books

    2.) Bake a Japanese Cotton Soft Cheesecake (I've been staring at the recipe for the last 7 months)

    3.) Ride a roller coaster (I'm terrified of those things, but once this summer...just once..)

    4.) Take a few art classes

    5.) Learn more than Basic Spanish

    6.) Have enough money saved up for and purchase my boyfriend's birthday/Christmas gift combo

    7.) Pass a certification required for work

    8.) Get over stage fright and sing more with the boyfriend's band

    9.) Eat healthier

    10.) Workout more

  • I'm going to be in Europe for all of the summer holidays

    1) Be more adventurous/spontaneous

    2) Get a photo next to the giant penis in Amsterdam - link - preferably straddling it

    3) Walk as much as I can to make up for the amount I plan to eat

    4) Get a new tattoo

    5) Find a place I really love to choose for a student exchange program

    6) Hopefully fill a sketch book with some landscape/scenes that I love

    7) Just enjoy myself, try not to be so serious.


  • 1. finish a painting

    2. get a tan

    3. go to the beach

    4. hang out with my best friends

    5. meet my roomate (1st year of college this fall)


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