Do you think he likes me?

Hello there, I am an Asian girl. I met a Australian boy about 4 months ago in my city. At that time, I just broke a bad relationship. it was terrible, so I didn't care about the boy. but at these days, I do realize the boy likes me a little.but he never told me about that. Finally I found there's a good boy for me, but I just knew that. Maybe I am silly. He invited me to attend parties, to see the shows and listen the music, and he told me he likes my art and gives me advices(I'm an artist). We meet almost every week, and these weeks, we meet twice for a week. but he still didn't say that. I don't know much about the western boys' style. but I like him. though I don't know how to do.

Thank you


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  • Action speaks louder than words. If he doesn't like you, why go out with you, and two times this week!

    Yes, I think he likes you.

    • Thank you very much! your answer makes me really happy!

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