Need help for a new hairstyle!

Well, for safety reasons.. I'm don't going to post pictures of me online, but I'll do comparisons.. People say I look like Modanna's daugther, and Penople Cruz(but only with her bang style).. I feel like I need a new style, Ijust don't know what..

My now style is side bangs, with long hair. Its naturally curly, but I strighten it :P
oo forget, I have borwn hair, white skin, but with some color to it. (not pale), and big brown eyes. :P


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  • i don't know what you look like, but both those people are really pretty, so if you look like them, then you must be too

    • ya.. I ijut need help picking out a new style, I used thos two people to compare soyou have an idea how I look

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