Men do you really appreciate the scent of a woman? Are we like phermones that you sense a mile away?

Women do you notice more attention from men during ovulation? We all go through it, though no one woman's cycle is the same, and generally speaking we're not so much conscious about it, as we are sub-conscious about it, but there is a difference. Assuming, that hygiene isn't an issue, unless you're into the "I like a woman with a load of crap in her trousers that I can smell a mile away", but does a woman's scent drive you wild? Overall, it doesn't just have to be the genital area, but our entire bodies period. Many people memory scent a person. Have you ever remembered a woman by her scent? If you do enjoy the scent of a woman, explain why? What is it about the way we smell, that you appreciate so much?



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  • The only scents I can pinpoint on women are the types of perfumes she wears.

    Otherwise at least to my knowledge, I don't think there is a natural smell that has made me more attracted to her.

  • we are about 790 miles apart and funny things is I smell you. Plz take a shower stinko(luv ya!)


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