Are stretch marks a turn off?

As a child I was SUPER skinny...

and now I have stretch marks on my love handles and my legs...

is it a huge turn off?

I'm not fat but I have a not so small ass and thighs...And its prob one of the things that bothers me the most...


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  • I saw at least 5 other questions that asked the same thing, and saw absolutely NO answer that said "I care about stretch marks". Don't be self-conscious about them, because, really, NO ONE thinks it's a turn-off.

    Plus, what makes a butterfly beautiful is the pattern on its wings, isn't it?

    • wow that is prob one of the most beautiful sentences I've ever heard..well read...

      honestly your comment maid me feel happy with my stretch marks...

      thank you^ - ^

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  • Nope, I went from like 5 9 to 6 3 in a year, so I have small ones on my upper thigh and side of my chest.

    I'm still a sex god

  • Doubt it.

  • Yeah...I don't do hefty...but I DO do stretch marks..they are no problem...


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