Girls--Do you trust cheap places to cut your hair?

I need a hair cut, and I want a new style. My sister's getting her hair done at Fantastic Sam's tonight, and I'm debating having my hair done as well. However, I'm not sure I can trust a place that offers $8 hair cuts. My hair is damaged, frizzy, and curly, and very difficult to deal with. I'm afraid they'll mess it up. What do you think? Take the chance or make an appointment at my regular salon?


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  • I trust them to trim my hair, but not to give me a hot new style. I pay $35 per hair cut not including tip. However, I can sit down with her, and tell her, do whatever you want to and it will come out right. She is brilliant with color too, and I trust her completely. I just don't trust an $8 hair cut to be the most stylish one out there.

  • I have never paid for a hair cut.


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