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Summer is approaching fast here where I live and well, it's bikini season again.

I dread bikini season. I have a rockin' lower body. A waist to hip ratio of 0.7 which is ideal. It's great and I usually get comments about how great those curves look, from men and women alike. Especially from my boyfriend, he loves my waist and hips!

I, however, hate the way I look in a bikini, despite my great shape from the waist down, because I have almost non existant breasts! It looks weird to have huge hips, a small waist and small breasts. I feel so uncomfortable because I feel like I'm missing the icing of the cake!

I wouldn't have surgery for three reasons: surgery freaks me out (I haven't had any surgery in my 20 years of life, not even appendix or tonsil surgery, I'm healthy and proud!), it's expensive and I don't like the fake look.

Help! How can I FEEL more confident about this, and not be dissapointed each time I wear a bikini? I know I'd look so much better if I had something more up top! Like a C or small D, sigh, but well, they say you gotta love what you have, so how do I love it? I don't care about other people's compliments because until I don't compliment myself, then other people's words are worthless! So, any strategies to love my shape?


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  • Relax.

    Girls and their numbers make themselves crazy.

    Here's how you can feel more confident.

    Throw out your weight scale.

    Stop calculating ratios, measurements and other numbers. Seriously. They'll kill you.

    It doesn't look weird to have curvy hips and small breasts. It looks like YOU. It only looks weird IN YOUR HEAD, and ONLY because you're comparing yourself to others.

    Almost every girl I know feels insecure because she compares herself to other girls. Skinny girls wish they had more shape. Curvy girls wish they were skinny. Women are their own worst enemies.


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  • Just man up to the situation. you can't be scared of what others think. trust me your more then just looks. People shit on me cause I'm 5,10 132. and I'm a guy. but yet they wonder why I'm the one on a full scholarship to college for an athletic thing. and they are going to the local community college.


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  • Don't worry about this. Good for you for not having surgery. Be happywith what you have. Worthwhile guys won't find anything wrong with you. In fact some guys like your type. The guys who like Asian women prefer that obviously because generally we are nicely curved but don't have large breasts either.

    Consider that most women are out of shape and congratulate yourself since apparently you are in good overall 'shape.!'

    The good men don't care about cup size or inches here and there anyway!

  • Buy a bikini that has ruffles or ruching on top and it will help you look fuller and feel more confident.

  • where do you like that its bikini time?

    and you should def be glad you like something that's that big a part of your body.its hard for me to find things that I like about myself =/ I don't think I have nice hips and I have a small chest too.i don't even have a cake!

    • I live in South America. The city I live in has warm weather almost all year long, but yes, summer is coming in december, and time flies!

    • Wow! december that's crazy I thought Texas was hot all the time! we are Finally just now getting cold weather