Are maxi dresses only for really skinny tall people?

Every store I go into I see maxi dresses, and I have seen lots of women wear them out and about. They look very comfortable and cool for the really hot days. I was thinking about getting one, but I am bigger, have broad shoulders and big boobs :S

Is this trend just not for me?
Thanks Ladies! I actually got a maxi dress today that looks great! I got it at Old Navy and I absolutely love it! It cinches in at the waist and hits me just above my ankles, looks fantastic :) I thought my broad shoulders would look bad, but in this dress they don't! So thanks for all your help!


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  • You can wear one, just get one that fits you right, not one with the stretchy stuff at the top. That's a bad look for busty women. You want to be able to wear a bra with it. Something with a large print and keep it to 2-3 main colors. High waisted is good for you too.

    • Thank you, I'm glad you found one you really like. Enjoy.

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  • I'm really short and not super super skinny by any means. I probably wouldn't wear one... mostly because it might have to be hemmed :). If I were you, I'd stick to the dresses that hit right below the knee or just above it. that's my favorite look on me. I think anyone can pull of anything they'd like to wear though. that's funny you ask this question because whenever I see those dresses I think, wow you'd have to be so tall to wear that! I should try one on!

    • You should try one on just to see, I found out today trying some on that they are different lengths of them, even if it looks super long, it may not be as long on certain people. It all depends on how it is cut. They may have one that isn't so long on you tho :)

  • If you don't think you can pull off maxidresses, maybe just try a maxi skirt instead? It's a little easier to look good in, cause it's not quite as much fabric swallowing you up. You just need to try on a couple to see what looks good.

    I'm somewhat short and not skinny, and I've tried on some maxi skirts/maxi dresses and I thought they looked cute. :P I have yet to buy one though.

  • I have seen all types of women wear maxi dresses. Some look good, some don't! My opinion is to take a person with you to try some on. Find one that looks good for your body type, and get there opinion of it :)

  • In my personal opinion all girls look skinnier in pants than they do in skirts, especially flowy sort of dresses.

    If you don't mind looking bigger than you are (in that dress) then you should go for it.

    Those dresses almost always have some sort of a print on them, and having broad shoulders -as a woman- isn't something you'd want to accentuate and those maxi dresses are usually either like toob tops (really bad for bigger breasts) or have really thin straps - and neither of those options is a good one for a person with broad shoulders.

    On the other hand, you can always buy a maxi dress and customize it to your liking (to make it flatter your body shape). . . =)

    I think this might be your best bet.


  • no. my friend wear a XL and she just bought a maxi dress that looks amazong on her


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