Anyone knows or has ever played "Thief" before ?

i played 'Thief Gold' which is the first part of it, and currently I'm playing 'Thief Deadly Shadows', which is the third part.

for whoever played it before, don't you think it's the best in its category.


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  • I'm not sure which I like better, Thief 2 or Deadly Shadows. I hated the noisy focus sound of the eye in DS, and the New York accents kind of pulled away from the times, but it was okay after a while. The orphange, near the end of the game, was really spooky, I loved it.

    • yeah I'm at the orphanage, the best thing is the sound of knocking on the door in the attic (if you remember it). & I think if they used a British accent it would be much better. I heard that they're gonna release a 4th part in 2011,

    • Yeah, that knocking was unnerving (you'll figure out what it is, if not already). Also, in Thief 2 the eerie multiple ghost voices in the mansion really raised the hairs on my head. No other game out there has spooked me with sound like that, nothing in FEAR, etc. I'm glad to hear #4 is coming out, but it has to be the same team, least the lead man (who does the Eye voice), in charge of the project.

    • that's what I thought of, it's the spookiest, specially when you switch the lights off and focus trying to hear every whisper,

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