If I do the first step, they walk away, advice?

Heey everyone. A lot of guys flirt with me, its okay for me and its fun but when I start to flirt with a guy it seemes like they don't like it. They really try to end the flirting. But why they do that?


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  • hmm, maybe they're intimidated by you in some way. they might think you're too good for them. or they might not like... f***, honestly, I can't think of anything else, that's just dam weird of them.

    Good Q.

    but either way, who cares? its not like its the guy you love hurting you by rejecting you. I'm sure you can deal with it.


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  • Hmm well I suppose it would depend on your flirting style. What sort of things do you do that you consider flirting?

  • they were not interested in the first place


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