How does an average looking girl get new friends and a boyfriend?

I just moved to another city pretty far from my friends. They can come visit every once in awhile but I won't be seeing them often.

My parents moved after school ended, so now I'm sitting home alone with nothing to do and nobody to hang out with. I'm looking for a job, but nothing yet.

I'd really like new friends and possibly a boyfriend. The thing is, I'm really average looking, so there's no reason for people to approach me.

And this question isn't about how to get better looking, because average is average is average and is all I'll ever be. It's just about how to make friends and connections.


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  • Just be yourself! If you approach someone just ask them how they are, explain that you are new and even ask something about the area, what is available in the are? what the area is like? Also maybe when you are talking to someone new just make small talk, the weather for example. I am sure once you get into a social situation such as finding work you will find people in a similar position to talk to. If you can't find work why not think about going to college and getting further qualifications or even doing some voluntary work for no pay just to get yourself noticed and give you something to do and get some experience. At first it won't be easy in a new place, but once you are more familiar with things, then it will become easier to meet people and to get on more easily. Forget about being average looking, as anyone who judges you on this is not someone you want to talk to anyway. I am sure you are a nice person inside and that is all that is important. It sounds like you just lack a bit of confidence and that you are maybe a bit shy, but things will get better the more you get used to it. I hope you meet people and they find out how nice you are and you feel happier with things soon and good luck with it all!


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  • Be yourself, and introduce yourself to as many people as you can. You're average looking, so yeah, you'll need to be a bit proactive.


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  • "Average" people make friends the same way "below average" and "above average" people make friends.

    Put yourself out there. If you have any interests become active in them. For instance, if you like a particular band, go to a concert. If you like art, go to the museum.

    I'm "average" looking and what I do is talk to random people. Not in a weird, awkward way, but I'm the type of girl who will start a conversation with someone while waiting in line at Wal-Mart(I dislike Wal-Mart btw), but I mean, I'm the talkative type(at times).

    Making friends isn't about how attractive you are or whether you're above or below average. It's about connecting with people, creating a bond and allowing that bond to grow into a deep, meaningful friendship.

    Getting a job may definitely make it easier for you, as you'll meet different people and would surely meet someone or people with the same interests as you.

    Perhaps summer classes could also help? You'll meet new people there.


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