You know how sometimes you see the FINEST woman out in public?

my question is, what makes a man deserving of such a woman, being that he's reasonably attractive himself? what if you approach a woman who fits into your dream girl category and you're rejected, what made you undeserving of her? why couldn't you be the one, when you would've made an honest attempt at maintaining a healthy relationship forever? THAT kind of woman.

what makes a man deserving?


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  • What makes a man deserving is fulfilling what the woman wants.

    What makes a man undeserving is not fulfilling what the woman wants.

    • is it even possible to fulfill want a woman wants? lol

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  • If they don't like how you look, you're done.

    However, unlike with men, women seem to have no common definition of what is attractive. Where men pretty much all agree on who is attractive or not, women have vastly different opinions from guy to guy.

    Otherwise, you just f***ed up the first approach. In other words, you didn't display every good quality that there is a word for in the dictionary in a span of 30 seconds. Cause that's how women want.

  • It's not that you don't deserve her, it's that women are to stupid to know a good thing when they see it. You always have to view rejection as her loss, not yours.

    • but what if she, indeed, is a great woman, and it actually is MY loss (just as much as her's)?

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