Do guys always prefer the "cute" girls?

I'm often called "sexy" or "beautiful" or whatever, but never "cute". After reading posts on this site I've noticed that almost all guys prefer cute over sexy. So what makes a girl "cute"?

I'm tall, lean and I have a big bust. For those reasons, I can't imagine being called "cute", because I'm not that stereotypical small and petite build. Personality wise, I'm a strong person and I know what I want. I don't giggle, or fake being dumb. I have some pretty nerdy qualities, but I keep them to myself. I'm pretty quiet, I'm not "bubbly" or loud - I'm not really social (but I can socialize if I have to, but I consider it more of a chore than enjoyable).

So what is it about cute girls that guys are drawn to? And what is a girl who doesn't fit the description to do?
Sorry, I should have clarified. I'm rarely approached by good guys, only the douchebaggy type (sleazes, arrogant, etc).

And I dress somewhat conservatively (usually jeans, top and blazer type thing).


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  • "Cute" doesn't always mean "small and petite". It encompasses more than that. Personally, I like a lean woman with some curves. Some of it has to do with how you dress. How would you describe your style of dress? How do you usually do your hair?

    I think some nerdiness in girls can be cute. You say you're not "bubbly or loud", so that tells me you are somewhat shy (you said "quiet", but same thing to me lol), and I think shy girls are cute. And do you want to know something else? I think "beautiful" and "sexy" can also be cute :)

    • Style of dress: pretty conservative, I never show boob (cos I'm self conscious) and only show legs in the summer or at night. I usually have my hair down (it's dark and wavy, hits my lower back).

      Yeah, I am pretty shy. I'm only really social amongst people I'm comfortable with. But thanks :) Your answer made me smile

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    • I'm anon - still qualified, damnit.

    • Good point lol.

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  • Seems like you have a negative vibe, I wouldn't want to interact if socializing with you is a chore for you.

    Maybe try to show your nerdy qualities and your other 'vulnerable' qualities.

    No one wants to hurt you!

    Show your vulnerable side so we can 'protect' you. You don't have to 'fake' giggle but don't have to hold back either.

    Cute is so we can 'protect' you and feel macho about it. Sexy so we want to sex you.

    Cute in public and sexy in private is the best!

    • But I feel like I'm being fake if I act like I need "protection". Don't get me wrong, I don't want to emasculate anyone, but I don't know why (or how) I should act vulnerable. I'm just not an overly emotional person, in general.

    • We all need 'protection' so don't be afraid to show your geeky side, or don't be afraid to talk about things that scare, excite, saddens you etc.

      Also spend time with people you ENJOY being around.

      If you are sexy, you WILL always get approached by the douche bags.

    • Appreciate the input, thanks :)

  • most guys where I live prefer sexy girls but they also prefer the extremes (cute or sexy) you don't really fit into sexy perfectly since you dress conserative but it also depends on how conservative. its not like you have to be one of those to get attention from guys and if you do have a good body dressing sexy enough for them to know will definitely help. personally I'm about equally attracted to both extrmes and cuteness does more for me if she's asian

  • If you're often called sexy or beautiful as you say, then you have nothing to worry about.


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  • No not all guys go after cute girls.

    More than likely the good guys are after the cute girls because these types are easier to feel macho with.

    Those type of good guys are pretty easy to emasculate & always need to protect something.

    Why not approach the guys you want?

    More than likely you're not sexy but beautiful if you dress conservatively and guys are intimidated so douches approach because they really don't care about rejection.

    So either look more approachable or start approaching.

  • Most guys go for the "sexy" or "beautiful" girl over the cute girl, but on this site, a lot of self proclaimed cute girls are insecure and guys change their stance to cater to those QA's.

    • I've seen so many guys say they like "sexy/hot" girls for sex, and "cute" girls for relationships.

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    • It is...but there's someone for everyone in my opinion. I mean, there are SOME people who will never be considered "cute" and there's nothing wrong with that, they are simply on a different level of attraction. Megan Fox for instance, will never be considered cute, but that's life. I can understand why you feel the way you do, when you constantly see guys on here say "cute" is better, but then again, you're not looking to impress THEM, so no need to worry

    • SO true, appreciate it, hun.

  • well I've always been called cute. but they all say that I'm like a daughter or sister to them.

    everyone questions why I'm so jolly and happy all the time and tell me I have cute personality, seem so innocent...

    so not all guys like cute girls! usually a pretty girl that can be cute and sexy anytime she wants! which is youuu! maybe the good guys think they have no chance! :(


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