Stretch marks this young?

Ok so I'm a teen and I have stretch marks?...yes :(

They are on the inside of my thighs not incredibly noticeable but still if I where shorts I'm afraid people will notice!

I think its from losing weight...thats the only option I can think of... because I was 117 and went down to 106...not that much but that's all I can think of...

Help...Do you think like stretch mark lotion would help?


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  • I'm 17 and I have them on my thighs, and boobs :( It's just a natural thing for some people's skin to do, because elasticity varies.

    There are several creams/lotions out there, but most of them either don't work at all, or take years for any noticeable results.

    I've only heard a few comments about my stretch marks (from close personal friends,) it was nothing bad, just a simple " Oh, you have stretch marks too?" and then we compare lol So, most people don't really pay much attention to them, probably because most if not all, have stretch marks of their own.

    I still rock bikini's and daisy dukes; if you don't let them bother you, they surely won't bother anyone else :D

    • Thanks for best answer XD glad I could help!

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    • I 'll tell you how repulsive stretch marks are to me...I would LOVE to see YOURS! hahahahaha I honestly cannot remember which of my females had them and which ones did's a non-starter...

    • Lol right - everyone has their flaws so it's not something one can really judge off of

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  • Perfectly normal. I had stretchmarks on the sides of my torso and inner thighs when I was in high school. Without giving them special attention or putting anything on them they have pretty much disappeared now.


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  • i asked a bunch of my close guy friends if they noticed stretchmarks. they said that they usually don't even notice them until the girl points them out. and when they do notice them, it isn't a problem, its natural. then you got the occasional douche who has the highest standards known to man. if you run into the douche, don't listen to a word he says.

  • It's actually very normal to get stretch marks as a teen, since your body is going through many changes (puberty, growth spurts, etc.) and these changes can happen quite quickly.

  • A lot of people get stretch marks during puberty.

    I suggest Bio Oil. It helped my acne scars a lot, and they were pretty dark, so it should help with light stretch marks.

  • I have stretch marks on my boobs, tummy, hips, thigh, inner thingh and I tried many creams and oils and it didn't work at all... And they are very noticable so no bikini for me... :( :P

    I also had a weight problem and when I lost weight all the strech marks appeared... There is surgery for them I think but it's not well developped yet...

  • Very normal.I got a few stretch markes when I was a teen. Bur why you lost weight ? 117 is a healthy weight.

    Strivectin does help. Expensive but does work.

    • honestly I don't know I just kinda swam over the spring and summer last year...and the weight never came back so yea...strivection? hmm where could I get it?

    • U can get it at

      Macy's or Costco. Or google for more options .

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