Youre walking down the street, you notice a good looking guy and he notices you?

If you are walking on your own and you see a guy you like, he is on his own as well

1) Is it acceptable for him to flirt with you?

2) What do you think he needs to get across in the first 30 secs (would you like him to say along the lines of "I know this is out of the blue, but I just had to say hi...etc"

Thanks girls x


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  • it's only acceptable if both individuals are comfortable with it. She may call you creepy if she doesn't want to flirt back.

    In the first 30 seconds obviously you just have to say"hi". Just keep it simple. Don't start with cheesy lines(e.g you're the most beautiful girl/woman I have seen today... I had to talk to you because you're so pretty ..bluh bluh bluh) ..just get to the point.

    After the "hi" ask questions that partain to the current situation you're in.

    • Thanks Bel - So if I'm just walking to the shops, see a girl, she sees me. I smile, she smiles and looks down, in a shy way.

      If I turn around, touch her very lightly on the outside arm/shoulder, "i know this is a bit out of the blue, but I had to say hi (SMILE), my name is ____, what's yours?" (is the touch thing creepy?)

      She'll let me know then I'm guessing, by the way she would act. So it could be..."hi (smile) I'm charlotte (or whatevr)...OR ..."erm yeah, hi, I've got to go now, bye"

    • i do think that the touching thing is a bit too much for someone you hardly know...just say hi ..if she replies then you can continue talking to her if she shows that she's interested in talking to you.

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