Does a guy's looks matter as much as woman's look?

do pretty males get advantages like female because of their looks such as number of girls they can get


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What Girls Said 1

  • No. he can have other qualities to make up for lack of appearance


What Guys Said 1

  • i'm not a chick, so I can't see it from their point of view, but I'd say yeah they do have advantages. and sleeping with more girls is one of them. but it's complicated because not all girls agree on what a good looking guy is. like us guys will look at chick and all agree that she's hot, but a bunch of chicks can look at a guy and some will say hot others will say they look like the inside of a hot dog. but it really depends. a good looking guy that never says anything to anyone is much less attractive than a uglier guy who tlaks and has fun with everyone

    • its true looks are different from girl to girl but lets assume for the sake of argument that the guy is attractive to 90% of females does he get advantages and if so what advantages

    • yeah they would definitely get advantages. more lenient sentences in court. more sex. more attention from girls. better treatment from teachers. more money (I kid you not). I'd hate to say it but looks do get you perks regardless of what anyone says. a guy's looks can earn him advantages but a girl's looks are much more...potent

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