Wearing a tight dress and he comments on my necklace?

I was wearing a tightly fitted dress and the guy I like says " is that purple on your necklace"

Did he not notice my dress?


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  • he probably did notice but didn't want to seem like he only notices your body. guys know that there is a fine line to walk when it comes to compliments. even when he played it safe, you're unhappy. that's proof enough that its true. are you that insecure that you care that he didn't comment on your body. you've said that he's complimented your body before, so he obviously likes it...that hasn't changed. he's just trying to show you that he's more than that. give him credit for that!

    • I did not say that. I said he compliments my dresses if I look nice. Not my body.

      And he didn't compliment my necklace, he asked about the color.

    • complimenting clothes = complimenting your appearance (which includes your body)

      complimenting/asking about/commenting all mean he's paying attention to it.

      the essence of my answer still stands

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What Guys Said 2

  • lol I think he was trying not to come off as a pervert to you so he complimented something neutral.

    • He didn't say he liked my necklace. He just asked about the color. Does that mean he was looking at me?

    • I'm sure he was. He was just being decent. You have to realize that girls are easily offended and guys know this.

  • He probably didn't want to sound like he was oogling you.


What Girls Said 4

  • He probably did and one he's not interested in only your body and your necklace caught his eye

    two he tried to turn his attention from staring at your body and commented on your necklace

    three he wanted to comment on the obvious fit of your dress

    • How do you know he wanted to comment on it?

    • i dont, it was a choice but it was meant to sound more like maybe he didn't want to address the fit of the dress and just decided to comment on your necklace. he could have been trying to make conversation as well. or seem sensitive.

  • He wanted you to know that he actually noticed more than your t*ts. Though I guarantee he noticed those too. But that says that he cares whether you think he's 'perverted' or not, lol. He wants to come off as a gentleman.

    • Oh! So he was looking at that area- that is why he noticed my necklace.

    • Quite possibly. =]

  • he noticed, but it's easier to comment to necklaces

  • He did but he didn't want to scare you lol I think he's a decent man :)

    • But he has told me if he likes what I am wearing.

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