Do you wear makeup? if so why?

what is the point in make up, it hides who you are, I don't wear make up because I'm not a girlie girl and because I don't like it, yes I may have put it on b4 but only because my sister made me, yea not cool.

why do you wear make up


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  • People p*ss me off you don't know the reason behind somebody wearing makeup . Aw f***.! My whole answer just got deleted -_-

    Oh well here it goes again...

    For some girls , they wear makeup because it enhances there beauty

    Makeup doesn't hide who you are!

    My friend had been telling me everyday for ever " makeup takes away natural beauty and I actually began to believe her until I realized it does not take away natural beauty it enhances it and that is just a big pile of sh*t.

    I now use natural colors and hardly use an since my skin is not that bad.

    I admit to sometimes caking on the makeup , But that's because I had pimples and I didn't like the appearance of them. So I felt the need to cover them up.

    Just because you got lucky genes does not and will NEVER give you the rights to trash talk girls that wear makeup because literally every girl wears makeup. Sooner or later you are gonna be thinking why didn't I wear makeup in high school!?

    Also I wear makeup for competitions does that make you're competition fake. hmm.

    If you don't that's cool not every girl is born with high confidence or , natural beauty.

    And p.s I know you're age is wrong because you're extremely immature.

    And makeup does not in any circumstance make a girl fake.

    Watch out cause you're the kind of girl I can imagine is gonna get cracked in the face acting like this.

    • Wonderful answer! If only you are brave enough to not say it annonymously!

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    • Happened to me when I hit preview. Then poof :( the site has been doing that to me a lot lately, especially after I take a long time giving a thoughtful answer

    • Haha I guess they just want crappy 3 word answers :P

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  • sigh.

    People who don't have skin problems would never understand.

  • I disagree, lol. My makeup doesn't hide who I am, it EXPRESSES who I am, because I style it to reflect my personality. It's a creative outlet. My 'natural' face and 'natural' hair say nothing about who I am as a person. So I change them in such a way that -does- tell a bit about me. Who I am is my personality, not my outsides. But I like my outside to reflect my inside, so I tweak little bits and pieces. It's the same thing as having a preferred style of clothing to express who you are. You're not any more 'yourself' if you decide to be naked, unless nudity is ingrained in your personality. Maybe it's more YOU to do the natural thing when it comes to makeup, but it's not ME to do that. Makeup hides who YOU are maybe, it doesn't hide who I am.

    • yea but not everyone wears it

    • I'm not sure what you mean, I never said they did. I don't even -always- wear it. It depends on my mood, sometimes I'm lazy or I feel less vibrant than usual, but I have no problem leaving the house without it. It's not like no one knows what my face looks like under the intricate eye shadow and mascara. Life would be boring if everyone was the same.

  • PSH wearing makeup is NOT fake. Who I am on the inside has nothing to do with whether I apply eyeliner. I like the look, some of us are girlie girls because we enjoy it. That's the point. If you don't like it cool but your not any more real than the next girl because your barefaced. You would probably look better if you were a bit girlier tho lol

  • It doesn't hide who you are.

    I wear makeup because I think it's very fun, it's like painting your face... sometimes I just do it at home but not to my skin just because I love putting on eyeliner. Lol. Maybe just because I love drawing anyway so...

    for me makeup is more SHOWING who I am.

  • I'm curious to hear how makeup hides who you are, especially in cases where light, natural makeup is applied. I would argue that wearing foundation to cover an uneven skintone is akin to wearing a loose top to cover a flabby midsection - both hide things that we don't necessarily want to expose to the world, to the benefit of our self-image. Is wearing clothing that conceals your body and improves your appearance "fake" as well?

    On the contrary, I know many people who wear lots of makeup as a way of artistic self-expression, similar to how you might wear jewelry, tattoos, or other accessories.

    As for me, I wear makeup from time to time because I like how it looks on me. If wearing mascara improves how I feel about myself that day, what's the problem?

  • I agree- I don't wear it wither. Using it just leads you around in a vicious circle:

    You have a spot--> hide it with makeup--> become reliant on the makeup and use too much--> the makeup blocks your skin and causes more spots--> you use more makeup to hide it...

    It can make gals look pretty with it on, but the amount of people who I see and think 'darn I wish I was pretty like them' then they remove their makeup and it really shocks me because they look so different without it :O I can't count. I might use a teensy weensy bit on a spot if it is really bad but that's all I ever wear :)

  • I think it only hides who you are when you wear a full face of it daily all I usually wear is a little bit of eyeliner and cover up, I wear it because I like it and it makes my eyes more noticeable but how little I wear usually only make a difference to me.

  • I wear it sometimes, and when I do it's because I think makeup can look cool and interesting.

  • I do sometimes but not often when I wanna look nice

  • Yes I do. My reason: I just like to. I like dressing up and looking nice and no it doesn't make me fake. It just means I want to look my best. I hate when people say girls who wear makeup are fake because that isn't true at all. Girls who don't wear makeup just say that to make themselves feel better. There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup and wanting to look good. Ofcourse I look fine without makeup, I just like to enhance my "natural beauty" such as my eyes. Makeup to me, doesn't cover up or hide who you are, it simply enhances and brings out your features.

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