I love to wear a guy's jacket over my dress when we're walking home?

i love it when they give me their stuff to wear when I'm cold.

anyone else does to`? :)

guys do that with any girl, right? I mean, for both friends and girlfriends. (heard some girls talking about how only a guy who likes a girl would do that, but I think that's BS, isn't it?)


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  • I hope some of you guys read my answer.

    A few real-life examples I've seen where a girl needed a coat:

    -Prom: they don't make fashionable dresses with sleeves & a girl isn't going to carry a Northface with her all night. Its nice to wear the date's suit jacket in the freezing restaurant.

    -spring break at the beach: at night sitting on the front porch its not too bad. someone suggests walking on the beach. you go out there & its really windy & much colder than you thought it would be.

    -once on a mission trip it started raining suddenly (a flood just sprung from the sky). some of us girls were working in the back & had farther to run to get to the van. so, they're soaked & its 9 am & not cold enough to need a jacke. but since they're soaked, it seems much colder to them. a guy did offer his jacket to one girl.

    So girls don't always have a jacket & there are some instances where the guy wouldn't be cold if he gave his up.

    • once a guy gave me he's jacket when it was around -5?C (23?F). after he handed it to me he was only in a tshirt.

      i felt stupid because I was already wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath but I unconciously said I was cold. and he acted on it :-/

      still veeeery cute though!

    • thats sweet :)

      i've never had a guy give me his jacket. but my friends & I share our jackets with each other all the time.

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  • I'd love to drape my jacket over the woman I'm walking with on a chilly evening, but then I would be cold, so that ain't gonna happen!

    • haha really? quite a few guys have done that before. I knew they were freezing, that's why I't so cute the they give me their jacket :)

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    • yea but I felt sorry for him at the same time!

    • Hmmm, all very deep isn't it?

  • If you're too stupid to dress for the weather, that is your own problem.

  • No because I don't want my jacket to smell like a barbie and cooties too.

    • haha how romantic. work on those skills, and maybe you get a girlfriend :P

  • Not sure if I would think of it or ever even have a moment to do that. If I have a jacket/sweatshirt I'm sure she does too. I would do it though. I have enough blubber to keep warm.

    • maybe she has a jacket too, but is still cold :)

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    • that's a plus :)

  • Depends on the level of 'like'. Not to just any girl though, that's for sure.

    • i think most of my friends would do that for me, so maybe you're in the minority? :-(

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    • Just *how* do you appreciate it?


    • by saying thank you 132456432 times and 1235465321 "sorry"s and asking him non-stop if he's not cold.

  • I think a guy would have to like her, or be really really chivalrous for that to happen.


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  • If you ever get cold you'll just have to hack it because I'd be cold too if I gave you my jacket.

    It's a sweet gesture I guess but I'm not a big fan of it.

  • love that too. it shows they care

  • I totally like it ,it shows that he cares about me more than he cares about himself


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