GUYS: do you mind it if your girlfriend has stretch marks?

Are you totaly disgusted / grossed out or are you OK with stretch marks?

I do wear clothing that shows them off but I don't mind it if people see do you guys see that as?

If your girlfriend had strech marks and it was your first time seeing the how would you react?


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  • I get the feeling guys don't find them attractive, but most wouldn't be put off enough to not date you just for that fact.

    My boyfriend says I'm the first girl he ever dated who didn't have stretch marks, and all his past relationships lasted for a considerable amount of time.


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  • stretch marks from what? If they are from losing weight or having kids or something like that then they would not disgust me.

    • stretch marks aren't only from losing weight even thin girls can have it as a fast grow of some area like boobs and a growing up mark

    • yea I know I have them on my arms from working out. I didn't know you could get them on your hips from growing tho.

  • Completely fine with it.

  • It doesn't bother me


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