What do guys find most attractive about girls? & girls what do you find most attractive about guys?

Just want to know. Maybe I'll learn something. :)

Personality? What type of personality do you like.

Looks.. what do you ALWAYS look at first?

Body language? What do they do that gets you goin' crazy!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Personality! Personality! Personality!

    If he can make me laugh, makes me feel good, doesn't lie, and that it's enough for him for me to be just me. I couldn't ask for anything more. I hate trying to be something else to make him happy.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Personality Good sense of humor Graceful Activist Hates arguments/drama, etc. Has respect Thirst for life Does not drink or smoke Kind Sweetly:] mmm looks don't really care but I would love to have a girl with either green or blue eyes I would love to have a little daughter with green or blue eyes beautiful:]

    • awwwe, my son has gray eyes, sometimes hazel.

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    • awe. I hope she has your eyes too. I'll post a pic of my son on my prof so you can see, he's the cutest little thing ever.

    • Yeah I hope so that will be awesome. I send a friend request your profile is private how old is he?

  • I always look at her eyes first, maybe her smile. Then maybe her butt lol. I prefer a fun personality. Even goofy. When I'm with a girl, the thing that always gets me going crazy is when she looks into my eyes and talks naughty.

  • nice curves just like a girl likes a guy with nice broad shoulders (;

  • personality: mature

    looks: w/e I like

    body language: the little things

  • -I dislike arrogance.

    -I do not like people who do not know how to respect others and are quite shallow.

    -I do not like girls who have completely sh*t personality. They still like to think they are attractive cause they are okay looking but I don't think I have ever felt attracted to one in the slightest way.


What Girls Said 3

  • Personality-- Smart and funny are the two main things. If we can't have an intelligent conversation and laugh our asses off together, there's probably going to be very little chemistry.

    Looks-- A great smile beats everything. Nice eyes are also great. I prefer skinny guys with longer brown hair, but I'm not dead set on dating a guy that looks like that.

    • I agree with the personality. I hate dumb guys that can't carry on aconvo. And looks, I like the smiles and eyes. But I perfer guys with less hair, maybe spikey your buzz cut. Every1 had diff. taste.. :)

  • looks: hot face, hot body, average height 5'10''

    body language: confidence

    personality: not shy or awkward, no mental/emotional issues, same values

  • Their eyes, smile and laugh are what hook me in.


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