Guys, does the MOST attractive girl always win? Despite other characteristics?

By this I mean, imagine you know two women. Both are very attractive, but Girl 1 is more attractive than Girl 2.

Girl 1 is a 9 looks wise, but is not very smart, is more insecure, jealous, materialistic, and rude.

Girl 2 is a 7 or 8 looks wise, but is very smart, secure, confident, down to earth, and friendly.

Be completely honest, I'm not judging, which girl would win? Even though both are very attractive, does the MORE attractive girl win your heart despite the other flaws? Or is it better that girl 2 is less attractive than girl 1 and have other great qualities as well? Just trying to learn about male attraction!
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  • Quite simple really, if I wanted a one night stand then most definitely girl 1 would suffice, but I am way more interested in a longer relationship with a partner with the characteristics of girl 2. Even if girl 2 was a 5 or 6, added her personality she would be 100 times the beautiful women girl 1 is


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  • The looks difference is only 1 or 2 points. That's not even a big gap. lol Girl 2 could be a 5 for all I care and would win over girl 1.

  • Depends on the person for me. There is so much more than you listed...

    • lol I think that answers it in itself. As a female, the answer would be very clear. But since those qualities are not enough to put you off from the hot girl, looks must be most important.

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    • Well the only plus side to girl 1 is looks, so wouldn't it be a fair assumption to say that looks are probably highest on your list?

    • No, because I don't have a "list". I'm trying to tell you that lol

  • Girl 2 all the way


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