Guys, what's going through your mind when you catch a girls eye, look back again and give her a smile?

This has happened to me several times in the past couple days. Are these guys interested? It didn't seem like they were just being friendly...thanks :)


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  • When you say "look back again", I assume you mean you were looking at him, he looked back, then away, and then back again, yes? If I were to catch a girl looking at me and look back again a few seconds later and she were still looking at me, I'd probably be wondering what was going through her head. I'd pay some more attention to their other body language. Sometimes a smile can just mean "Hi, how are you?" or "Hi, why are you still looking at me? This is really awkward." lol. Other times, though, it could mean something more.

    • Lol I mean like you catch eyes a couple times and then he smiles. Like the bus boy at the restaurant last night kept staring at me every time he passed and finally he smiled. Today this guy caught me looking at him and at first his expression was blank by then he smiled at me. I was more wondering about him, because the bus boy made it pretty clear lol. I guess I'm just not used to guys acknowledging me in public, strangers anyway, because guys at school don't for the most part.

    • I'd say the bus boy probably is more interested.

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