What's the best way to hide cutting scars?

I haven't cut in a few years, so I kinda f'ed up and went a little too deep this time.

They're on my legs. It's supposed to be in the triple digits tomorrow so I'll want to wear shorts, and not even my best, thickest concealer is helping.


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    • Thanks, but that's about removing scars with creams, which won't help me for tomorrow.

    • Unfortunately, there's no way besides concealer which is not working. Clothes will work as well but you've already pointed out your unwillingness to wear them. Sorry D:

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  • why don't you wear one of those maxi dresses? also,please don't cut anymore,seriously,i'd rather it if you told me ''i do drugs and murder baby kittens'' than ''i cut myself'',if you need something to help you with depression-get some weed

    • Lol. at "if you need something to help you with depression-get some weed". =)

  • You could wear those bermuda shorts, not very attractive but they're still shorts.


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