A scale from 1-10 ... what does it takes to be certain number?

For what kind of girl/boy would you say that is:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

Like: 1 - totally unattractive and really really fat, rude, smelly, etc.

8 - cute, nice personality, ... but doesn't do nothing for me (not my type)

10 - totally my type, nice, makes me smile, etc.


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  • i don't think the number system works very well,and why does being fat make you a 1? I've seen a lot of cute guys who were overweight


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  • 1- downright ugly

    2- ugly

    3- kind of ugly

    4- slightly below average

    5- average

    6- slightly above average

    7- reasonably pretty/cute

    8- really pretty/cute

    9- gorgeous/absolutely beautiful

    10- downright stunning

  • Dear Anonymous,

    You are always a number 10 if I love you.


    IMAQT xx

  • I hate number ratings because of everyones ideas are different. Like if I rated a guy a 5 in my mind that means not attractive or unattractive. But others may say, "what are you talking about? He's not that ugly!" And I also hate number ratings because they're very offensive. Like I was sitting at my table in art, and a group of guys were rating girls and I heard my name come up and I saw them look at me, and I heard the guy who was he one mostly rating everyone say, "a four." That whole day I felt down right ugly and all day people were asking what was wrong because I was being glum and stuff. It really hurts, that's why I only do it in my head.

  • 1 = you, for rating people on a scale of 1 - 10 according to your descriptions as to what makes a 1 and what makes a 10.


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