Am I looking at rejection the wrong way?

I didn't really know where to put this, so I just put it in this category.

I have been rejected a few times and I've always felt like it was a personal failure. I've heard that this is not how you should look at it, but how else should you look at it? I always feel like complete crap after I've been trying to get to know someone and flirting with them, but then being denied.

I guess I was just wondering if any of you think of it in a different way and, I guess, how I should think about it?


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  • You shouldn't look at it as a personal failure, look at it as a personal growth. You're not getting rejected because there's something wrong with you, or there's something that you're doing wrong, but it's because they don't feel like you're a good fit for them, therefore they don't want to lead you into thinking otherwise, which in the end would hurt more. You have to look at it like they're helping you find someone who is right for you, and the rejection will just make you stronger for when you do find someone who is right for you, and you're right for her in return.

    • Alright, it's just kind of depressing, you know? I like your idea that it's personal growth and helping you to find the right person, but it's difficult to think that way when you've never gotten a yes.

      Thank you for the answer!

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  • Nah, you hit the nail right on the head...personal failure. But hey, keep at it because you'll get better at it.

  • Go for RBIs, not batting average. If you get shot down 99 times, but find someone special on the 100th attempt, mission accomplished.

    • I love your name :P

      and I know that it's that special someone at the end that matters, but I get tired of finding girls that I like and getting shot down (actually let down easy and put in the friend zone). I definitely agree that it is about the one at the end, but getting there is going to be bleak if my luck continues :S

    • Failure makes success all the more sweet. Just ask Dirk.

    • Haha, I was watching that as I was typing my comment :P

      I'm sure you're right, and I hope that I get to find out sooner rather than later. But until then I I'll just take your advice.

      And thank you for the answer!

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