I can never get boys to stick around?

So I can go out with a group of people and meet a great guy and sparks fly. We will flirt all night but then after that I never see them again or I talk to them a few times through Facebook or texting and then its done. Does anyone have any advice?


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  • Maybe you just haven't come Across guys that likes your type / style. As in some Gals come across as needy and ditsy or Strong willed and very independent. maybe a mix of both. Seeing your name leads me to believe that you enjoy sports So it's possible the guy's you have met so far are not in to the jock type maybe there looking for the nerdy girl. Keep meeting guys and sooner or later you find one who does like you.

  • Ask them to go somewhere so you can talk in person. You'll stick a little better in the mind that way.


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