What dress do I wear for winter formal??

OK next year I may go to winter formal with someone... And I'm really nervous! I don't know what dress to wear! I'm about 5'6,have brown curly hair about little past my shoulder I have brown eyes and I'm tan(: I'm not fat but have curves and boobs but no butt I also have short legs...What color and dress should I wear? Please help


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  • go for the color that matches your body color

    dont get into so thick clothes because that may hide your curves

    make sure that your boobs should get focus on

    lastly you said that you don't have good butt

    hey girl concentrate on that because generally guys are crazy about ass like me


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  • Don't know about the dress, but put on heels. They make your legs seem longer, and make your butt and chest stick out more (but not in a bad way).


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  • wow you're looking for dresses way in advance


    • umm sorry! I'm a worrier! :)

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