Significance of height?

been listening to girls, and trying to match them with friends. the number one (TOP ITEM ON THE LIST OF REQUIREMENTS) is height. why is this? what is so important about height? what is the preferred height? are you less of a person if your husband/boyfriend is not above 6ft or shorter than you? (don't lie, it is near the top of your list as well) :P

im 5ft 7inches, what does this say about me?
so, the main answer I gathered from the girls that require taller mates is protection. then, would it be probable that girls still believe in the traditional relationship where the man dominates over the girl?
y is this stupid update repeating itself? =/

so are these preferences in our genetics, evolutionary preference or are they shaped by media?
i warned you ppl... those that were bickering were reported. thanks for participating
GAG, please don't detele this questions! pretty please!


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  • Ok, look, let me explain it to you this way.

    YES, I do prefer 5'10 and taller, because I feel more secure around tall guys, I've always been this way and I cannot help it OK.

    BUT, that doesn't mean I have a height requirement for guy friends and should a guy friend just so happen to be under 5'10, under my preference and I "fall in love with him" I would have no qualms about going out with him.

    I do feel more secure around a tall guy. I'm also very attractive to tall skinny guys or taller toned(not muscular) guys, but like I said, if I did "fall in love" with a guy who is not 5'10, then so be it.

    My sister is 5'8 for example, her hubby is 2 inches shorter and my whole family gives her crap about it and makes fun of her for it, so what?

    Why is it important? I just so happen to find taller guys attractive, I can't help that, I truly can't, just as I can't help but not find Indian guys attractive:O

    No I wouldn't be any less of a person and neither would he. But again, it's a preference.

    I wasn't trying to attack you in my previous answer, but the overall attitude I pointed out is something I have noticed is pretty common on here

    • and this is y you are the best answer (expert level)...thanks for participating...what do you think about genetic/evolutionary factors involved or how the media might of shaped this attitude?...thanks again!

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  • Height isn't one of my requirements.

    The only issue is that every guy who I've gotten close to who was even slightly shorter than I was made such a huge deal about it. They made me feel bad for being tall. So my newest update would be that he be my height, which is 5'8"

    As for protection, I'm fit to protect myself and height doesn't guarantee anything anyways. Plus, I like to be the one to dominate, if you know what I mean :P

    • haha...thanks...i think you are in the minority group on this issue =P

  • link

    Look at what the men answered in response to height preference.

    • majority like short but if a women likes a tall man we are just the worse.. smh..

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    • Doubtful not too many morally conscious guys.

      But I do have fun with my hotties ^-^

    • good for you :P

  • I'm 5'10", so I prefer tall-ish guys. Key word: PREFER. If I really like a guy, I won't care (if he doesn't).

    A lot of my short friends actually prefer short-ish guys though. Guess it all depends on the girl.

    • thanks. good point

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    • haha..i konw, right? awesome, right? =P..haha



      ppl are taking it so personally. and insulting others and using stupid arguments! which really annoys me.

    • Just ignore them. The only thing you should take from this is: PEOPLE BE CRAZY.

  • Yes, I, as well as millions of women out there have a height preference. I'm 5'3 and I prefer 5'10+/ I feel more protected with a tall guy.

    BUT, too many of the guys place such a heavy emphasis on height and penis size and try to blame height for their inability to get a girl, when in reality, there are millions of women who would go for a short guy.

    Why do guys on here bitch about height yet they have height requirements? They want a short(er) girl but boohoo when women have a preference?

    • Stop refreshing the page

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    • Preferences are fine by me ofcourse =]

    • yeah, refresher sucks on here. too lazy to go to the q section back to this q. =/

      but no, no blame. just curious...idk y people took it as blame. I tried to be unbiased. by the way double standard are a reality for both guys and gals. not that I personal subscribe to them though. still, I agree with jack's suggestion of the lack of artist reason.

  • 5'7 is perfectly fine..for me at least :) I'm 5'4 and while I wouldn't date a guy the same height as me or shorter, I can accept a guy who is 5'6, 5'7...5'7 doesn't say anything about you except that that is your height lol. Height is just important because it goes back to caveman days with the whole bigger, stronger, protector thing I think...would you date a woman taller than you?

    • thanks. i, personally, don't care for it much. I don't care if the girl is a lot taller or shorter than me. think that my height is average, and I think that I'm confident enough to brush this off. thanks again.

  • i don't like small guys.. I like tall and buff guys because it makes me fell more protected and just over all it is just sexier to me.. I don't like guys around my height I like to look up to my men and have somehting to hold one too

    • thanks.

      so you are saying that girls like to be dominated over?

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    • having a guy dominate you is having a guy basically tell you what to do.. and I am not a women who wants that.. have you heard of the term big teady bear refering to guys? that's what I want a tall, big guy who is sweet not a dominate personality guy just big physically that has nothing to do with a man dominating me it really just comes down to preference..

    • if you truly believe in that, then that is fine. I'm a believer in freudian principles. saying that you look up to your man suggests to me that you want his dominance...but that is my interpretation, and is of no value to you. so thanks for your participation. =P

  • i don't like a guy too much taller. I like to look eye to eye or somewhat. maybe a few inch difference., I tend to be attracted to the 5 9 area. I'm 5 7.

    • thanks. but I don't care about your specific preference. I only care about your rationale behind it.

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    • gotcha =P thanks!

    • no problem. =)

  • any girl worth knowing won't obsess over your height. your height says nothing about you.

    • thanks. i, personally, don't care for it much. I don't care if the girl is a lot taller or shorter than me. but I noticed that it is the FIRST thing ABSOLUTELY EVERY girl says when I talk to them about mate preference. I think that my height is average, and I think that I'm confident enough to brush this off. I'm just curious why this is though. thanks again.

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    • LOL =P

  • Height is not important to me at all ! :D

    I would totally date you and any other guy taller than me (5'3) so don't worry about it!

    • thanks. I appreciate it. but isn't being taller than you a height requirement? why do you have this requirement?

    • well I mean I'm pretty short so I'm not asking for much ha ha but it's just more socially accepted that the guy be taller I guess

      I would date shorter than me too if we really connected :)

    • then, lets connect =P


  • to your up date.: I do not want a man to dominate me I want a 50/50 relationship so if has nothing to do with that it is just preference

    • thanks. I think you are in the proud minority though =P good for u

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    • untrue. tom cruise was a sex symbol. he is considered to be short by the standards/preferences mentioned here.

    • tom cruise was a sex symbol.

      To some.

      Pretty sure some girls didn't find him sexy.

  • They can be genetic, media, personal taste, or a combo of two or all.

    That's a case by case thing.

  • why is this? what is so important about height?

    Height is important to me because I find tall guys attractive because their bodies are more attractive to me.

    Just like weight may be important to a guy because he finds the bodies of a particular range attractive.

    what is the preferred height?

    5'10'' it's the average

    are you less of a person if your husband/boyfriend is not above 6ft or shorter than you?


    What would make me or anyone less of a person is character.

    im 5ft 7inches, what does this say about me?

    That you're short to me and I wouldn't date you.

    • thanks. I wouldn't date you either. would you date a tall fat/unattractive man?

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    • You need to read carefully.

      "i never said you don't have preference for deeper things."

      No you implied that.

      "but you insult those who do not find height as a primary attraction."

      No I did not. Where do you see that? I don't insult people for their tastes.

    • I said "proud" minority because they take pride in other factors of attraction which I personally value, but not to lower the superficial factors.

      that is offensive you're implying my factor of attraction is something I shouldn't take pride in.

      You're stating what I value is lower superificial factors.

      What's not offensive about that?

      So where did I insult anyone who did not find height as a primary attractor?


  • i would'nt care about the guys height as long as he did'nt care about mine

    • thanks. y do you think other girls care about it then?

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    • @QA

      Picky = unrealistic to me

      Asking for average height or a healthy weight isn't picky.

      Neither would asking for similar interests or an honest partner.

      I find what guys/girls think is picky is usually things they don't fit.

      If I asked for a guy that described a guy perfectly he wouldn't think picky but guys who don't fit may.

    • well, that's your definition, right? it may be different for others...IT'S ALL RELATIVE!

  • I'd prefer my height (5'5") or taller. However, I could get used to dating a shorter guy.

    • thanks. but I don't care about your specific preference. I only care about your rationale behind it.

  • clear this up: have I dated a guy under 5'10? yes it was OK but I was all ways more attracted to my taller men... and to go with that I don't like skinny guys. I prefer my men to have muscle and some meat on there bones. my last guy was 6'4 300 lbs of muscle and that to me is sexy! so a lot of you don't think that is attractive and that is your opinion so don't knock me for mine. It is not like I write off short men with out giving them a shot because I have dated a shorter guy. so I know what I like from experience

    • thumbs up for you knowing what you like, which is cool. I was just curious y...i guess it is those unexplainable preferences...idk...maybe it is in our DNA to have these preferences, or it is shaped by media...idk...but it is interesting to find out...=P

      thanks for participating...

  • @Anonymous User

    I want to date a tall guy because I find tall bodies more attractive.

    I don't know where you got my excuse is guys do the same for height and weight.

    It was a comparison of how you can find a body more attractive based on a factor.

    FYI 5'10'' isn't tall it's average height

    For those saying preferring a tall guy is shallow because height isn't changeable:

    Chageability means nothing when it comes to attraction

    If you find it attractive it's attractive.

    Changeability only means how easy it is for you to find someone attractive.

    Ex: not attracted to obese girls, she loses weight, guy is now attracted to her

    not attracted to mean guys, he's not mean, girl is now attracted to him

    For those thinking height is the only reason for attraction:

    Attraction has a lot of factors height is just one for me.

    Just like weight if a guy likes skinny girls it doesn't mean he likes all skinny girls.

    • u are very right..

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    • the fact that this height cannot be manipulated at this time gets men heated, especially because girls have this irrational requirements.

      but I agree with jack that it is an irrational desire

      Really you never put height was irrational?

      "if you can explain the rationale behind attraction then there it is."

      I've explained why for me, most have explained why for themselves, and for the rest the rationale is that they like it.

    • If you believe all attraction is irrational why the bias to those that factor it in for attraction?

      How come those that didn't factor height attraction wasn't also irrational but rather something to have pride in?

  • I believe most women are hardwired that way. Although I believe that at some point we become concientious of the opposite gender regardless of hieght and then we make a concious effort to look beyond the physicality of the person and get to know them as a person then all of the visiual aspects take a back seat to the mental and emmotional capatability.

  • I don't want to be mean but height is a deal breaker for me. I myself am 5'7 and I like a guy to be at least 5" taller than me. For somereason in LA there are guys that are 5'4 or shorter which sucks, it's like there is something in the air.

  • You're 5 ft 7 inches.

    You're not small.


  • Well I'm only 5'2" so as long as the guy is /atleast/ 3-5 inches taller than me its all good (:

  • I think girls prefer taller guys because that's the way we've pictured ourselves with a guy our whole lives. I mean look at movies the guys are basically always taller then the girl.

  • im 5ft 10in and I'm not gonna lie height is a big thing for me, mostly because I like the feeling of being small and being I guess protected by someone and if they are shorter I don't feel that way. its not like I have anything against guys that are shorter than me but I just prefer a guy to be taller than me. I would love to find a guy who is at least 6ft 3in but that's a very limited number of people. you have no need to worry about being 5ft 7in you are taller than a lot of girls (girls tend to be short) so its nothing that you should worry about, I'm sure you are a great guy and that trumps WAYYYYY over height any day.

    • thanks for your honesty and your confidence boost. I think that I am secure enough to brush this issue off. I don't care about it, but I am curious about the female rationale behind this. thanks again

  • I won't date a guy under 5'10

    • I wouldn't date a woman who would say that. I'm 6'2".

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    • Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr and Mel Gibson must be gutted

    • interesting. what I would be more fascinated with is your definition of "attraction" and your method of balancing

What Guys Said 6

  • I don't know about what they say but I'm "6'1" and I still can't find a women lol. although being over 6 foot then you have to worry that your to big and that you intimidate people lol

    • LOL... haha...the grass is always greener on the other side =P

  • hey I'm 5'7 too :P

    in terms of girls on here, we're pretty much screwed except for a select few :(

  • Any girls who is slightly shorter than me is cool. I'm 5'8 (considered bottom-line average here for the guys).

    • thanks. seems like you care about the girl's height. why is this?

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    • thanks for your honesty

    • You're welcome; the pleasure is entirely mine. ^^,

  • I am about 5' 11 1/2" but shrinking...guess I could date just about anyone on thise old & bald acceptable?

    • Lol, your shrinking? Jesus

    • LOL! define "acceptable" =P

    • geriatric guys tend to shrink...still..I am tall enuf to make most of these females extremely happy!

  • There is no reason worth hearing.

    • Stop investigating, you'll get nowhere.

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    • LOL! ha ha lets go =p

      thank YOU!

  • Gosh dang, this post blew up lol

    • exhausted replying to everyone...i hope people stop answering now...i should listen to jack to just ignore this q now...haha

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