What do girls like most on guys?

what kind of style of clothing

what kind of body

what kind of personality

bad boy or good boy


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  • I hate preppy. T-shirt, jeans, and some nikes(: I like him to be able to give put teasing but also take it. If you can't take a joke then youare sensitive - and not in te good way. I like for him to be stronger then me - emotionally, physically etc. So that I can lean on him. He is to be the *man* of the relationship. I will do my duty if he does his. I am interested in te intellectual and get told I'm smartso I I like smart guys(: ha ha and kind ofc. Also I like someone with morlals. Self-esteem and confidence are good. But if your cocky that is the biggest turn off to me. Soo yeah over all that = good guy. =)


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  • clothing- I like country stuff, jeans, flannel, t-shirts, boots

    body- tall, toned (in shape)

    personality- fun-loving, care free, sweet, athletic, teasing, kind, protective, friendly, happy

    good boy, but with an edge

  • i don't really care about he's style of dressing as long as whatever he wears looks good on him. I want a guy who is in good shape. generally a nice personality- kind , friendly,funny etc

    i love good boys

  • i like the preppy look with an intellects mind

    • i see I'm sorrta like that I guess lol not really though but I am smart

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