Do you think I made a mistake not meeting with this girl or was it a good decision?

A girl I didn't know added me on Facebook and messaged me saying she thinks I'm hot. We exchanged messages penpal style for the next few weeks but they started to get dirty after a while.

I was getting suspicious so I asked her to prove that she's real so she wrote my name on a piece of paper and took a picture on webcam of her holding it (she had pictures on her Facebook albums as well, and it was the same girl). She was pretty cute but I was getting weird vibes. I always asked her personal questions like how was your day, anything new in your life etc. but she always jumped to the sex talk.

I offered to meet up for coffee several times but she always declined (I'm a pretty big guy [like bouncer material] so I can defend myself against some sort of sex offender if that was the case).

Anyways I eventually stopped talking to her because I just felt like she only wanted to have sex with me. Most guys my age (18) would jump at the opportunity to get laid by a 22 year old hottie but I only want to have sex with girls I have feelings for.

What do you think? Do you think I made a mistake not meeting with this girl or was it a good decision?
she also said she didn't want to rush things and wasn't ready to meet with me for coffee / lunch just yet and sent me a partially naked picture (not in the same message though lol)


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  • Could have easily been a scam. You probably did the right thing. Trust your gut on these things.


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  • I think you did the right thing. She probably wasn't that into you and was just plaĆ½ing games.


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  • If she didn't meet up, she wasn't gonna have sex with you anyways...


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