How difficult is to be a extremely good looking male in today's day and age?

I mean all my life people told be I was great looking and that brought me a lot jealousy and envy.

people getting real pissed and refusing to acknowledge my extreme good looks or they just go how I can't spell and that I'm a loser and I know many haters are going to comment that I'm conceited, I'm a realist! How think I get published in some hard literary journals? I send them my pimped out photo with my hat.

looks aren't everything and if you don't have them as much as I don't take out on me.good looking people are often the nicest and I got a 10 out 10 on rate my face website .I'm the king and I'm a pretty famous poet.
. after as. dont
ok! I'm poor I don't want be ugly too.


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  • It's not that difficult; it's easier to be good looking than ugly. Since we're social beings, beautiful people are more likely to draw people. Everyone is born with a set of skills. If your skills are good looks, then use them. It's similar to people who have really high IQ. They pursue extremely difficult majors and invent and discover many things. If good looks help you rise and pursue your dream, there's nothing wrong with using those gifts.

    • i don't have amazing iq and I would trade decent looks for iq any day:( I'm trying harder to get my degree with my learning problems

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  • *Puts on David Beckham voice*

    Sometimes it's so hard to be pretty.

  • Um sorry to break the news to you, but you really aren't that good looking. I mean first off, you're too pasty. You could be Casper the ghost and something is completely wrong with your face, mostly your nose. You're eyes look sunken in your face. Also, you're ears are a bit too big. Sorry, but that's just my opinion. Not being a hater, just being a realist too.


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