I want to be attractive, advice?

At the moment I feel as though I'm ugly. I have really low self-esteem and I want to be proud of how I look.

Can you guys/girls out there state some things which could help me achieve my goal.

What do you see as attractive?

some tips?


Thank you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey, we all go there. I used to feel really unattractive and I don't feel one hundred percent gorgeous nowadays but I used makeup. It depends on your issue. I was ugly and it was obvious but I did something about it. I covered my spots with makeup and it gave me so much more confidence, it wasn't about piling it on to look like a hooker it was about making myself feel just a little less self conscious. After that I worked on my hair, a new cut was all I needed to feel better. I'm not shallow and I really don't think looks count for much but it gave me more confidence- I'm not saying I am fit now but those small changes gave me a confidence boost that I needed. Now, I don't care if people dislike how I look because I am confident! I am not saying you need make up or a new hair cut but something as simple as that can give you a confidence boost, oh and TALK TO GUYS! I never used to but I was a closeted flirt, it felt so good just to flirt and have fun because they didn't reject me, it sounds like I am some sort of slut but I never acted on it, I was just being flirty because I could, because you can, and knowing that made me feel better! I hope I helped! :D

    • I understand what you're trying to say :) don't worry you don't sound like a slut!

      Thank you for taking the time to write this :-)

    • Your welcome, and if you want to talk comment back, I'll give you my user ID and we can chat- we're all gorgeous in our own way! :D

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What Guys Said 2

  • Start working out every morning. mental health comes along with physical health. I notice a girls body first. then if she has a good personality and face, she's a keeper. also normal girlie maintenance is huge. hope that helps.

  • Well, that depends if you're actually ugly or if it's just in your head.


What Girls Said 3

  • I always say, every guy/girl has a different view on what they find attractive. There is someone perfect out there for you, who will find your beautiful and his ideal girl. So don't change, be yourself, your amazing :)

    • as true as that may be, simply playing the statistics, some girls have much better odds than others...

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    • I'm far from gorgeous sweetie!

    • You must have pretty lofty parameters for the use of that adjective, then.

  • well it would greatly help some if you described yourself a bit.


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