People always say I look Jewish?

I have exotic eyes and a larger, wide nose- I get cat calls all the time, and references to being Jewish- which there is NOTHING wrong with! There are countless beautiful Jewish people but I'm not sure how to take it because I know they are most likely saying it about my nose (coupled with my dark hair and olive skin)-

Should I take this as an insult? (I want to emphasize again, there are countless beautiful people but that it's just people putting me up as a stereotype)


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  •'s your large nose. that's why people are saying you look Jewish. your large nose. is that a compliment or an insult? you decide

    • duh, that's why I'm asking

    • how dense are you? can't you tell from what I wrote what my answer is? it should be obvious...

    • they were cat calling... either way, u've got a massive chip on your shoulder. ha ha simmer down

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