Why is it that I am more okay with slacking on my appearance when I am between guys?

I don't jump around from guy to guy a lot, but he seems that if I don't have a guy in my life to impress, I just don't care at all. I don't put on make up. I don't fix my hair. Eventually, I end up not dressing cute very often.

It doesn't make sense...you would think it would happen the opposite way.

How can I motivate myself to start caring about my appearance again?


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  • It sounds like you really get depressed and let yourself go. What you have described is indeed depressive symptoms. Perhaps you need to get yourself on a get exercise routine to get motivated. Talk to friends & ask them to give you a little verbal shove when you need it. If that doesn't work, see a therapist or ask the doctor for antidepressants.


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