How is it so hard for a girl to tell a guy how to be attractive looking?

For guys to tell how a girl can be attractive looking would take maybe a couple of minutes where as girls like to beat around the bush and not answer


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  • Simple: It's hard to hurt somebody's feelings. Guys I talk to make it seem like it's their job to get girls or have the ability to get one (or more). So it's a huge blow to the soul saying they are unattractive.

    In my opinion, I think girls (not all) can handle it more than guys. If a guy were to tell me I'm unattractive and like not beat around the bush---I'd feel really sad and stuff but I'd try to make up for it but I see guys who are told they are unattractive and they act super depressed and they act like it's the end of the world and they make it seem like being attractive was the only way for them to get girls . I'm not saying all men but it's just my observation. I wouldn't want to be the reason a guy is depressed. Women are seen as the more "emotional" being anyway and that comes with sympathy.

    • Oh I kind of read your question wrong. I think it's easy for a fe-male to tell a guy how to be more attractive but it's hard to tell a guy he's not attractive.

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  • Personally, I am pretty straight forward.

    For other girls, they could be shy, don't want to hurt someone's feeling, doesn't know the right word for it, trying to be mysterious, and such.

  • Because girls have different tastes... I like average, preppy guys ... my best friend likes giant jocks ... my other friend likes skinny rocker types. Etc.

  • Men are simple beings. Women are more complex. What turns us on isn't just a big **** in tight jeans because we have bigger concerns than just spreading man juice, from an evolutionary stand point.

    • ok obviously your stupid

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