Anybody tried American Apparel leggings?

This ad for leggings keeps popping up, and I finally clicked on it.

They look super comfy, and come in all sorts of colors. But at $34 each how well do they last ?



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  • I own several pairs. They hold up really well. I have one pair that I have had for two years now and they look as good as they did when they were new. I tend to buy and wear shiny leggings more than any other. They just seem to last better. Cotton leggings can be a crap shoot. Some are super thin and show more than you meant to. That's not really a problem with the shiny ones.


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  • My friend shops only at American Apparel and has a ton of leggings from there. She's had them for a few years and they seem to hold up well.

    However, I got leggings at American Eagle for $16 and they seem to be doing just as well as hers.

  • Good quality.

    They would last a while.


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