Is there any way to attract a guy but not seem like I'm flirting?

I'm going to a beach party soon and a guy I like will be there. I made friends with him the one time I saw him. he hugged me twice and he never ever ignored me. there was a bit of teasing also. so at the party I'm worrying that he'll be with all his friends and won't come talk to me. is there any way I can sort of attract him or make him come talk to me (since he seems confident) without looking desperate or hinting that I like him?


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  • All I can say is try to look extra nice, with clothes and your hair maybe. You could find a way to come to him and talk about something, but not with the highest interest, which could seem like flirting, since you don't want that. But just flirting a bit doesn't seem desperate at all :) I think he would actually be flattered.


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