Why does he look away sometimes?

During lunch the guy I like has to pass my table to throw his tray away. Some days he will look at me and we will make eye contact (if I look up at him that is) and some days he stares at the ground when he walks by.

And I can see when he gets up and I kind of watch him as he walks across the lunch room and he doesn't look at the ground until he apsses by our table. So what's up with that? Why does he look at me someday and otehrs look down?


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  • He sounds like a shy guy that likes you its just a common thing that girls have more eye contact then boys and one reason why this is because boys feel like they need a reason to make eye contact like if you ask me a question and I answer it I will look you in the eyes one reason why guys do this is because they don't want to seem obsessive but I am pretty sure he likes you hope this helps


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