Guys, how often and easily do you like a girl and change your mind?

Situation: Guy likes girl, takes her out on a few dates, texts her, but then it seems he's communicating to another girl online that he has known for a couple years.The online girl broke up with her ex a couple months ago. Did the guy like the first girl and the second girl at the same time? Did he change his mind about the first girl?

Is the guy now "going for it" with the girl who is recently single?

How often do guys change their mind on girls they like?


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  • hmm how often do we change our underwear... about that often lol sum of us can be a very common everyday occurence others can be more you love it till its starts to smell real bad... or turns into a living being and tries to eat your d***

    • So one day you like one girl, and another day you change your mind about her? Right?

      What can a girl do to be the one he chooses over another girl?

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    • mhm sorry I couldn't help you any more =(

    • Actually, you helped a lot.

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