How does a girl become sexy if she doesn't look sexy?

i have a friend who has a pretty face and a nice body. she dresses normally and girlie like and doesn't wear a lot of makeup. just looking at her you might call her cute or pretty. but she doesn't have a sexy look.

but then when you see her walk or look at her body movements or the way she talks and looks at you you're like wow, this girl is incredibly sexy. almost all guys find her irresistible.

how does a girl who is just cute in looks get such a sexy vibe? like how does she move and talk like that? I can't figure out how she does it.


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  • Innate attraction is so important in that. She probably has a face type that is common in that area or possibly exceedingly uncommon. Both these things seem to add to attraction and a view of sexual desire (possibly because of an inbuilt instinct for both someone familiar, e.g. compatible and someone different e.g. not a relative).

    However, you can up your numbers so to speak by the way you act and behave. Though when your looking at this you have to consider who you want to find you more sexy.

    Some people value overt actions, like showing more skin or wearing tighter clothings (these people are working more on a biological level though and you need to be someone who works the same really because in time other people will be more attractive to them. Possibly we all start this way till some form of love kicks in).

    Other people find things sexy in ways you act which remind them you are a sexual creature. Touching your lips, biting your lip, runing your hands through your hair, looking lost in a moment.

    The last form of sexy is the most important form, being youself and being happy with who you are and for good personal reasons which they too can understand. This is harder to convey but when you are happy in yourself and just doing what you love and not worried about what others think (not to be confused with being inconsiderate) you will gain an aire of sexyness which others won't quite be able to put there finger on.

    Its hard to do, easy to describe.


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  • you ever her guys say "there is just something about her" ya that's just is, there is just some thing about her ahah


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  • I turned my walk from normal to sexy by taking jazz dance classes. Lots of fluid motion and hip stuff that I learned so to move like that while walking is second nature to me. I have to have a sexy walk so I don't seem as young, people mistake me for 12-16 years old, not 18 like I am. Now I have to try to make my walk more normal at work because I don't want to be sexy walking families and old people to their tables. I work as a hostess

  • She acts sexy.

  • attitude


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