Have you ever tried psychedelic mushrooms?

I want to try them. For those who have tried them, got any advice or tips?


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  • Love. =] They taste like sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds, kinda earthy. They're especially tasty covered in chocolate though, or brewed up in some hot cocoa on the stove. Have an experienced friend trip with you, or if your friend is sober, make sure they're someone who has done them before so they have a better idea of what you're experiencing and can help guide you through it. They're good for helping you focus on something else if you start freaking out, or for keeping you out of trouble if you get TOO adventurous, lol.

    I like doing them either out in the middle of nowhere, a few miles from 'civilization' at least, like out in the woods, OR I like wandering around in a city. I do NOT like being confined to a house, or being in a car for long periods of time, I like being able to wander. I don't mind being around people, even lots of people lol, but my comfort level with others depends entirely on the energy that's coming off of them. They might not be acting any differently than they normally do, but the energy can still be negative, and I tend to avoid that negative energy wherever I find it, for the rest of my trip, lol.

    • covered in chocolate, I never tried that, yet.

    • Chocolates are amaaazing. That's what I ate the first time I tripped on mushrooms. They're kind of like a Crunch bar, but better, lol. The chocolate is better, but the mushrooms are like little crunchy bits inside.

    • lol awesome!

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  • Yes. Try small doses first. They take a while to kick in.

    Have a sober friend with you.

    Go to nature and take them. Lying in a field or something. Don't do it in an urban setting.

    If you think you can fly, check it out first. Try taking off from the ground, not the 7th floor of a building. :)

    • Good call on having a handler present; they're worth their weight in gold. God only knows how many times I've kept my friends from doing something that'd land them in hospital or jail!

  • yes. good ones taste like sunflower seeds. the only bad thing about them is they make my stomach hurt sometimes, otherwise have fun. f*** the haters.

  • Yeah the best advice I could give you and I swear it's ridiculously important is to be with someone you feel completely comfortable with and trust. In fact, if you can't find anyone then you're better off doing them alone. I never tried this but I think it would have made for an amazing journey, you should do them like early in the morning say 7ish so by the time you're trippin balls the morning will be beautiful and you'll be hearing all the birds sing their songs. Definitely want to be out and nature. And like Belgie said, if you think you can fly, you can't, so get your ass down from that ledge! lol.

  • Never have never will

    • booooo

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    • *internet high five at Johnny*

  • Yeah I talked to Zeus afterwards


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  • I really enjoy them. The only negative side for me is that they give me a tummy ache, but I just try not to focus on it. I've never had a bad high... sometimes things might start to feel a little unpleasant, but I just change my environment (something as small as going to a different room/area, changing the lighting, putting on or removing a piece of clothing, etc.) and it changes my high. Usually I spend a lot of my high listening to music and laughing.

  • they are awesome :) it is a very intense peak , with lots of UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER and then you will come down and have a pleasant high , try doing them in open places like the beach or the park with someone you trust and that is experienced .. it is great you might get a tummy ache if you eat to much but it has no hang over or come down

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  • psychedelic? are people still using that word?

    but I'm sure it's like any other drug out there

    • yeah that's what they're called. Psychadelic cause they mess with your mind

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