What do I say in the letter I want to send to him?

First off, no one tell me to save the letter and tell him in person. Its not gonna happen that way, for various reasons I will keep to myself.

I just want to tell him I like him and why.

I think he has a great smile, and very sexy eyes.

He is really different than anyone I have ever met in my whole life.

I Haven't even liked anyone in forever, but he makes my heart beat so fast when I am around him.

How do I articulate all of this?


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  • In your own words, for one. Close your eyes and think about what you want to say to him, then start writing. Tell him how he makes you feel, let him know that no-one else makes you feel that way, and make sure he has no doubt of what's in your head and your heart.

    No-one can write these words for you - the best way to tell someone how you feel is to use your own words, phrases and emotions. Using quotes from poetry and song is not a good idea and neither is ripping a big chunk out of something like "When Harry Met Sally" - just go for broke and don't be afraid to look over it and edit it tomorrow.


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