How come makeup does wonders for some girls and not others?

all my girls wear makeup. all of them are pretty to start but they're like normal average pretty. but when they wear makeup they are head turners.

when I wear makeup I look like me with some crap on my face. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong so I watched some youtube beauty videos and it still looked bad. I asked my girls to help because they know what they're doing but even they couldn't make it look good.


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  • Because everyone has a different face. Some naturally have a face that works well with most styles of makeup. It also depends on application, badly applied makeup is worse than no makeup at all. Also are you using products that are appropriate for your skin type? Like liquid foundation for dry skin type, powder for normal or oily skin type? Cream type foundation is good for any type except dry skin. Also, have you been color matched by a makeup artist? You need to know your skin's undertones and not have the makeup clash with them. Lastly, you need quality makeup which generally means higher end brands like those at sephora. However there are great deals on handmade makeup on etsy, just have to do more research about reviews of the brand before buying.

    But one makeup style I have found makes everyone look hotter is the modern gyaru look. If you google it ignore the overly tanned girls with panda eyes. Look for the girls with beautiful dark eye makeup making them look like dolls. One great tutorial I found was an anime/dolly gyaru eye look by chichiyaz on YouTube. It is a more toned down look that looks great with some small false lashes like urban decay's instaglam. When you get more comfortable you can work up to looks like this link

    • her eyes look so pretty but I don't even know where to start. like is that eyeliner or eyeshadow? how do you put that on? omg I'm so bad at being a girl it's not even funny.

    • For the link? She has eyeliner on, most likely liquid type all around her eye. Then you use a brush pat on black eyeshadow to make it less harsh and blend out. You also need full strips of false top lashes, I would recommend urban decay's hot number. Bottom falsies would be great too, MUFE has great ones. My favorite brush to do that look and the tutorial I mentioned is sephora brand's silver handle brush called the smoky eye brush. I also use it as a concealer brush, it can do everything.

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  • Some girls have the natural beauty to not need that much make up. While other girls are not attractive in the first place. It's like adding perfume to sh*t. It may smell a little bit better, but it's still sh*t. I doubt that you are not attractive. I think you probably have the natural beauty and make up is not needed. Maybe all you need is some mascara and lipstick.


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  • It's important to take things sequentially. I'm not huge on makeup, but I love to wear it when I go out because it's just fun to play with.

    Start with your base (if you need it). Make sure the colour is correct, otherwise it will all look horrible no matter what. If you aren't sure about what your colour is, go to a department store that has makeup artists and ask them for help with finding the right shade. If your skin is prone to blemishes/dark circles, there are concealers for that as well. Also, get a nice bronzer/blush that suits your skin tone and hair colour. Peaches, pinks and browns all look great on most skin colours.

    Next do eyes, which are the most important feature in my opinion. Eye shape is insanely important. link that link is great in determining what style suits your shape best. I'm obsessed with eyebrow shape, personally, and find that they make a huge difference as well. When you apply eyeliner keep it close to the lash line (the skin where your eyelashes sit), don't go overboard or you'll look like a panda :P I find that retractable crayon eyeliners work the best, they blend really well. Top it off with some mascara.

    Lips: just do a nude or light colour. That's flattering on everyone.

    The trick is to practice and find out what makes your features pop. For example, I have big, rounder eyes so I don't often put eyeliner on the bottom lash line because it makes them look too big. Don't look for random tutorials, but choose ones that specifically cater to your face shape/features.

  • yep you really have to find the right style of makeup for you. once you do, it will work wonders.

    everyone's different, so those girls were probly doing what looks good on them and it wasn't working for you.

    the only way to figure it out is to experiment with lots of different looks.

  • It all depends on your face eye lip and cheek structure when you look up stuff online look it up for your specific face structure eye and hair color makes a dif to. You always have to take your "original" face's look to help you makeup

    Hope it helps.



  • Are you sure it's being applied correctly? Sometimes a girl might not even need any makeup to begin with.

    Maybe you're putting on too much. If so, you can try applying simple eyeliner, mascara, and maybe a tinted moisturizer.

    • how do you put eyeliner on right? ha ha like seriously I don't even know.

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    • Yes ma'am(:

      For applying eyeliner or any other makeup, YouTube is a very good place to learn. Here is a good tutorial link on how to apply eyeliner. She demonstrates using liquid and/or pencil for the top, then a white and/or black pencil for the bottom lid. It's all about preference.

    • wow looking hot is complicated but thanks for the video link. I think my problem was I was watching all the gurus do the fun complicated stuff and I need to start at the basics.

  • I'm a makeup artist and girls ask me this all the time. Its about practice, and finding what shades and products work for you.

    Department stores with makeup counters often have free makeovers when they're launching a new product, if you don't mind sitting for 20 minutes or so, you'll have that time to ask the makeup artist what she recommends for your skin tone, and to show you how apply it. You'll prob get some free samples too!

    If you're trying online tutorials, practicing, and its still not working out for you its probably not you its the makeup, try another brand, another brush, or doing your makeup by a window so you can see how you look in natural light.

    ps. for eyeliner try fluidline by mac with the 208 angled brow brush. It's the easiest thing I've found to get a straight line every time and its smudge proof after it dries! (and just mascara the bottom lashes until you master the top line)

    Good luck and feel free to message me for tips and tricks!

  • It's not just about wearing makeup or the amount of it, it's about how you wear it. Keep in mind the purpose of make up is not to show that you have one but enhance your features without revealing much of make up. Not everyone sees beauty the same way but we all know the definition of perfection. Good and clear skin, clear eyes, thick shiny hair, etc. Anyway everyone looks different, thus everyone needs different type of makeup. All types of things come to account when determening what's the right type of make up for you such as your face shape, eyes shape, lips, nose, eyebrows. There are a lot of websites that you could get good tips from. I advice you just google it.

  • That's how it works.

  • Because some people are too messed up


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