Do guys care about stretch marks?

I've had some on the back of my legs since I was 13 after a growth spurt, they're pretty faded now but still there.

Most girls I know have a couple somewhere. I don't bother hiding mine anymore, and I've never heard a guy say anything about them, but lots have girls have made comments about me being brave to have my legs exposed, just wondering if guys even notice or care if a girl has a few?


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  • They're a part of life.


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  • Wouldn't bother me at all, it's such a common thing anyway. why would it?

    even if you weren't that into them, if you loved someone it wouldn't matter one bit :)

    good on you to be able to have your legs exposed. you shouldn't be ashamed of your body :)

  • I really can't say anything about anyone who has them because I'm positively covered. I kind of look at them like I look at any other kind of scaring. Pretty much indifferent.


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