What are cute things you like about girls, guys?

pretty self-explanatory. basically, no girl is perfect and will have some funny attributes to her looks and personality. what kind of different/cute/silly things do you like about girls?


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  • As anal as I am about being on time, I think it's kind of cute when her excuse for being late is "I'm sorry! I didn't like anything I tried on!", a la Brad Paisley's "Waiting on A Woman", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-C-IbkuNWs. It's also kind of cute how they seem so anxious to please (NOT sexually), how they stress about wanting to do everything right for a birthday, Valentine's Day, etc. If they are in their early or mid 20s and still have the same stuffed animals they've had since age 5. If they try to get really into the things you are, i.e., sports, video games, etc. How they shift around while cuddling. I agree with kingofnature, I could go on and on :)

    I knew a girl who would randomly fall asleep in the middle of texting or Facebooking, and she had a tendency towards being scatter-brained.


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  • I like it when they get nervous, blush, or their heart starts beating fast when we are together. I like dimples. I like it when they are flirty in a sweet and innocent way. I find it adorable when I see them sitting alone in the library or in a coffee shop so focussed on what they are doing. I find it cute when they try to lie their way out of and embarrassing situation but they can't pull it off because they are honest. :) I can go on and on.

  • definitly like when she is nervous/ blushing always amazing to hug a girl and hear/ feel her heart just go insanley fast


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