Guys would you be turned off if a girl has a check list for a guy?

My mom had a me and my sister make a check list of what we wanted in a man. But my best friend, who is a guy, said that's a major turn off. So guys is it a turn off. For me its just something to stay grounded with. And not get caught up in looks.
  • Totally a turn off.
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  • I would like it...that way I know she's really interested.
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  • I'd prefer to not have a girl date me in the same style that she'd go job hunting.

    It's a bit immature, so if it was something she made but wasn't really invested in, then I wouldn't really care.

    Then again, if the checklist is something she made after dating me that was a bunch of things she specifically liked about me, that'd be extremely sweet.


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  • Girls do it all the time.

    So what would you do if a guy also had a checklist and you liked him but you didn't meet his requirements on his check list after him meeting all of yours?

    • Its not like 100 things it's 6. And I don't stick to all Of them. But if he wouldn't budge yeah I'd be upset but everything happens for a reason

    • but you see my point for both genders on this?

  • Most women have it, if not on paper, in their mind. You can have it, just don't tell potential boyfriends or their friends about it.

  • Turn off because I want someone to like me for me not because I can be contained to some check off list.

  • It's crap. A list? You've been reading too many magazines...

    I imagine a woman would be pissed if a guy made a "checklist" about her...

    • Only because a guys checklist would probably include bra size and weight. Her check list is most likely comprised of character attributes like ambition, passion, and job security. Not the minimum size of his penis.

    • Don't be so sure -

      The unresonable size "requirements" are still there - and if it's not in terms of penile size, it'll be by wallet size... essentially, it's insulting. You shouldn't need a checklist if you like someone.

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