What are Christian girls looking for in a boyfriend?

I'm just curious since I'm also a Christian guy and looking for a Christian girl.


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  • When I'm looking for a Christian guy, morals are very important.

    Other things I look for is he has to be respectful, conscience, have a sense of humor, attractive to me, confidence...

    Basically all the things I want in other guys, I want in a Christian guy though Christian's seem to have more morals, a limit they won't cross because they know what is right and wrong and the main part is they love God and want to worship him.

  • Being a Leader-

    Being able to set down the law on premarital sex

    Getting to know her as a friend and not as girlfriend

    Being the example, the leader and directing the friendship in the way that it should go.

    • I have to agree with your answer. But will throw in there, I also look for guys who are compassionate, and are more than 'Christian' by name, but by the way they live as well. I know there are no perfect people, even as Christians we sin daily, but is there evidence of the fruit of the spirit? :)

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