Am I obssesed and does she like me?

There's this girl I really like and I can't get her out of my mind!

I admit I'm sort of a Facebook stalker, I can't go a day without seeing her face, so I spend countless hours staring at her pictures and reading all her old statuses, it's not like she doesn't know me, we are very good friends, I've even gone as far as to stand outside of her house at night, I live right down the street from me and just stand out there at like 5:am and stand there until the sun comes up! I guess there's something she likes about me because when we were hanging out yesterday, she looked at me with her big Hazel eyes and I'm the ONLY guy in her life that she has ever felt closed to! So am I obssesed and does she like me!?!


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  • Yes, you are obsessed. I know it feels amazing and everything now especially when she acts so close to you, but trust be you need to get your feelings under control. She might like you, she might not that's not the all important thing right now. I was in basically the exact same situation last year. She was so affectionate and close to me, the most beautiful creature I'd ever come across. I'd been dwelling on her for over a year, when I got the chance I moved a couple hundred miles to live in the same city as her. I felt the closest and most connected to her than I'd ever felt with anyone. She told me she loved me, and kept me going for about a month and a half, up to when she changed her mind. I had tried to talk to her all week, it didn't work. So I walked to her house at 12 am and waited for two hours in the rain trying to wake her up, only to be texted the next morning things were over. Seven months, 2 counselors, a fair bit of blood, and an inordinate amount of tears and I'm still not completely over her. I'm not saying your situation will be the exact same, but it's incredibly dangerous to be this hammed over someone. Guard your heart, and take things slowly. Good luck.

    • or

      Expect you will get hurt & experience love.

      you liked being with her- it was beautiful ,would not you rather know what that feels like, then just being neutral forever. You can't have what you did experience, unless you allow that you might get hurt. If you were so guarded you would not have experienced love. I would choose love for a week, with a year of hurt, rather than not experiencing kit. Its a beautiful part of life. I'm careful to not not waste time, but to be hurt, is parr of life.

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    • Thanks for the advice and um... Yes I'm a masochist

    • Then fill yer goddam boots

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